Making DAOs efficient: onboarding, reaching our goals and becoming unstoppable [hosted by]

Location: Finoa office @ GCH8+86 Berlin Time: September 16, 2022 15:00-18:00 Format: interactive workshop and open discussion - “There is no audience, only participants” Participants: Negative-tested only (some tests will be available at location) and ****invite only, if you want to bring a friend lmk

Schedule and format

The topics are suggestions based on what we are currently interested in, but not set in stone. Feel free to bring up anything relevant in the room as long as it paris conducive to discussion. We want this to be a safe space to bring up concerns and ideas for making DAOs more sustainable and efficient.

Main characters are suggested by us, if you are listed but don’t want to be, lmk. Anyone not listed is equally included in discussion.

<aside> 🚰 16:15-16:30 Break