Inflection is a first check venture financing firm committed to build the open economy. We are a self managed, remote first organisation with team members based out of Berlin and Boston, MA. We are expanding our core team by adding a Head of Research as well as a Head of Engineering to complement us.

Open Positions



Building an internet native, cooperative and open economy that democratises ownership as well as access to financial services, data and knowledge.


We believe that the open economy will radically transform every aspect of human (and machine) collaboration at a global scale. It will come with new business models to foster stakeholder centric value distribution. With shrinking time and allocation windows for private capital injections Inflection is expanding the venture model towards an active and long term stakeholder role.

We are closely collaborating with our portfolio projects on high leverage activities such as organisational, business model and governance design as well as technology enabled community growth and maintenance among others.

Values and guiding principles


We are thriving for connection. We rely on our colleagues to fill their respective roles while being aware of their various different interests, talents, diverse backgrounds, feelings and needs. We bring our whole selves and personalities to work. That way we can have open, honest and authentic relationships with our teammates and business partners. We make efforts to know, understand, help and support each other as well as finding joy and purpose in our collaboration.

Default to transparency. We reveal the backgrounds and motivations of our actions to make them understandable and to create trust. Transparency promotes empathy and inclusion while enabling ownership, accountability and informed decision making. Hence, we grant everyone in the community access to relevant information.


Inflection’s organisational structure is not hierarchical but role based: accountabilities are mapped on roles and roles are mapped on individuals. Individuals are empowered to take decisions within their roles.

Self management and accountability. We are committed to continuously work on our self management skills in order to stay on top of our various responsibilities. If things don’t work out we adapt. We organise our own work, calendars, deadlines and tasks.